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1.1 - Opening Hours

The dates:
From Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 March 2016

Convention Opening Hours:
- Tuesday: 8:30am - 6:30pm
- Wednesday: 8:30am - 7:00pm
- Thursday: 8:30am - 4:00pm  

1.2 - The Important Dates

- Early Bird Rate Deadline: Monday 14 December 2015, 11:59pm
- Shortlist Online: Thursday 7 January 2016
- Payment by Bank Transfer Deadline: Monday 25 January 2016
- Cancelation Deadline: Tuesday 9 February 2016
- Stand Cancellation Deadline: Tuesday 9 February 2016
- Free Substitution Deadline: Tuesday 9 February 2016
- Paid Substitution: from Wednesday 10 February 2016
- Networking Tool & Participants List Online: Wednesday 10 February 2016
- Official Guide Deadline: Monday 15 February 2016
- Deadline for MyStand Catalogue Orders: Tuesday 1 March 2016
- SPORTELNews (advertising) Deadline: Friday 4 March 2016
- Supplement Guide Deadline: Friday 4 March 2016
- Online Registration Deadline: Friday 11 March 2016
- Onsite Registration: Monday 14 March 2016  

1.3 - Where can I find the floor plan?

You can find the floor plan through your networking tool profile under DOWNLOADS.


1.4 - I can't find the participant list?

Once logged in to the Networking Tool on the left hand side of the bar menu you will find "DOWNLOADS". Click on "DOWNLOADS" and a drop down menu of our available downloads such as the participant list, floor plan, and more are available in PDF and Excel. Please contact us if you are experiencing any problems with opening these files.


1.5 - Advertising with SPORTEL?

SPORTEL conventions are "media" shows - VISIBILITY IS KEY! To find out what advertisement or marketing opportunities SPORTEL offers before and during the conventions please contact your personal sales agent.


1.6 - What is the Networking Tool?

The official "SPORTEL Networking Tool" is the online database and communication platform for all delegates. Via the Networking Tool you may search companies and delegates, contact them and set up your meetings.

The Networking Tool is also accessible via the official SPORTELApp and the Networking Tool Pods in the venues.

SPORTEL offers you full accessibility one month before, during and one month after the conventions.


1.7 - How can I forward my boxes to the Shangri-La Hotel?

You must use the services of our official forwarder Agility Fairs & Events. Packages sent directly to the Shangri-La are subject to drayage by our official forwarder.

Contact: Ms Patsy Leung, Sales Manager
Tel. +65 6571 5603

IMPORTANT NOTE - MONACO MEDIAX and the Shangri-La will not be held responsible for material not shipped through our official forwarder Agility Fairs & Events

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2.1 - How do I register?

If this is your first time attending a SPORTEL Market:
You will NOT yet have a SPORTEL identification login and password. You can create one by entering your email and password under "Is this your first Sportel?"

If you have already participate at a Sportel event:
Enter your login details if you are the administrator. Please contact either Samantha BRYDE or Arnaud BERTRAND to see if you have a MySportel account. We will notify you who is in charge of your companies MySportel account.

For International Federations:
Please contact Arnaud BERTRAND to obtain your dedicated access platform link.
The Administrator of your SPORTEL registration(s) will be the only person in charge of your company's registration for SPORTELAsia 2016. The Administrator can be both a participant / administrator or only administrator. They are able to access all SPORTEL Services including Online Registrations, Hotel Reservations, Technical Manual and more. He or she will receive all automated emails from SPORTEL regarding the participants' registration(s).


2.2 - Can I register onsite?

Onsite registration will take place at the Registration Desk in the Shangri-La Hotel as of Monday 14th March 2016.

Participants registering onsite will be invoiced the same rate as pre-registered participants. However, we strongly encourage you to pre-register to enjoy the following SPORTEL Services:

  • Your company info printed in the Official Guide, which is distributed to all participants.
  • Access to the Networking Tool one month prior to the Convention to contact and organize your meetings in advance with Exhibitors and Visitors.
  • Benefit from special rates at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

2.3 - What's included in the visitors registration?

Click here to see what is included in the Visitor Registration.

Please contact Arnaud BERTRAND for Visitor Registration.


2.4 - What's included in the exhibitor registration?

Click here to see what is included in the Exhibitor Registration.

Please contact Samantha BRYDE for Exhibitor Registration.


2.5 - Who can I contact for custom-made stands?

Contact: Ms Yue Ying Teo, Project Executive
Tel. +65 6290 5684


2.6 - How do I register a subsidiary company?

Click here and scroll down to Exhibitor Subsidiary Participant Pass then click START YOUR REGISTRATION. You will be re-directed to the MySportel login page where you will enter the administrator’s login details or create a (new) separate Account.


2.7 - Badge


You will receive an email containing a QR code if you have completed all the registration including payment and photo. You will need to print or have the email available on your phone to be scanned at the event in order to fast track and pick up your badge. Please note a current business card is also necessary in order to receive your badge. If this is an issue please contact us so that we can find a solution in advance.


Please bring a current business card and ID to the badge pick up desk where a hostess will assist you in completing the registration (i.e. photo, payment) and print your badge.


2.8 - How many contracts can I have on my MySPORTEL account?

The administration can have all different company location contracts on one MySportel Account. This is useful for companies registering multiple offices. Login to your MySportel account, click back home, then chose the type of registration contract you would like and complete the registration. Once completed you can review all existing contracts by clicking on Go to MySportel. All contracts are listed at the top of the page.


2.9 - How do I register participants paying separately?

Complete the first registration with the chosen payment method. Once the administrator has received an information email with the registered participant(s) listed they will be able to modify the contract. Login to MySportel, click modify, continue to step Participant. Add the participant by clicking the plus sign, continue to step Payment and enter the different payment details.


2.10 - What are the policies for cancellation, substitutions and refunds?

**Please note that all refunds will be made after the event is over!!


On or before February 9, 2016: 70% refund of the total stand amount. After February 9, 2016: No refund.


On or before February 9, 2016: 50% refund of the participation amount. After February 9, 2016: No refund.


Substitutions are permitted only between company employees based in the same country.
Every substitution received after February 9, 2016, will be charged 250 euros (VAT not included).

*See rules here


2.11 - How can I make a substitution?

Once the contract has been processed and you have received the information email with the listed registered participants please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the administrators MySportel account.
  2. Click next to step: Participants.
  3. Uncheck the box participant for the participant that is no longer attending.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) and add the new participants details. Make sure the box participant is checked next to their name.
  5. Click next and enter payment details. Continue and validate to save.

Substitutions are free of charge until Tuesday February 9th, 2016. After this date a 250 euros (VAT non included) fee will apply to all substitutions.

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3.1 - The Venue

Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Rd
Singapore, 258350


3.2 - Accommodations Reservations

You can reserve a hotel room only once you have completed your registration for the event. Login to your MySportel account and click on MyHotel. Complete the reservation form. Please contact Samantha BRYDE if you need to make any changes to your hotel reservation.


3.3 - Is free WiFi provided in the exhibition halls?

There is free WiFi access in the Shangri-La Hotel for participants to view and send their emails ONLY.


3.4 - Transportation

Please visit the transportation page by ckicking here

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4.1 - When can I access the exhibition halls for the daily set-up?

Tuesday, March 15 to Thursday, March 17, 2016 from 8:00am to 8:30am


4.2 - When and where do I get set-up / dismantling badges?

STAND BUILDERS ONLY: From Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 9:00am, at the technical services desk, Island Ballroom Foyer, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

EXHIBITORS: From Monday, March 14, 2016 at 8:00am, at the technical services desk, Island Ballroom Foyer, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

These badged give access to the exhibition floor ONLY during build-up and dismantling.


4.3 - What is the exhibition build-up schedule?

Sunday, March 13, 2016 from 9:00am to 8:00pm - Stand builders ONLY
Monday, March 14, 2016 8:00am to 8:00pm - Exhibitors & stand builders


4.4 - When is the exhibition dismantling?

Thursday, March 17, 2016 from 4:00pm to 11:00pm


4.5 - Can I leave my stand before the end of the exhibition?

Stands must not be dismantled or equipment removed from any stand before 4:00pm on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Packing is authorized ONLY from 2:00pm on that day.


4.6 - Can stand contractors access the exhibition floor to build my stand?

Stand contractors will be charged 500EUR to access the exhibition floor on build-up/dismantling days.


4.7 - How can I forward my boxes to the Shangri-La Hotel?

You must use the services of our official forwarder Agility Fairs & Events. View instructions on the official forwarder page in MyStand manual. Boxes sent through our official forwarder Agility Fairs & Events are delivered to the stand. Packages sent directly to the Shangri-La are subject to drayage by our official forwarder.

Contact: Ms Patsy Leung, Sales Manager
Tel. +65 6571 5603

IMPORTANT NOTE - MONACO MEDIAX and the Shangri-La will not be held responsible for material not shipped through our official forwarder Agility Fairs & Events


4.8 - Will I get a refund for order cancellations?

No refund or credit will be applied to order cancellations received on or after Monday, March 1, 2016.


4.9 - Does SPORTEL provide technical assistance for my personal equipment?

No. Only equipment ordered through MyStand catalogue will benefit from onsite technical assistance.


4.10 - What is the voltage in Singapore?

The power supply in Singapore is 220V.


4.11 - Can I swap the equipment included in the stand rental for other items?

The equipment included in your stand rental is NOT exchangeable. You may order additional equipment from MyStand catalogue.


4.12 - Do I get a refund if I don't keep the equipment included in the stand?

No refund or credit will be applied for the equipment or furniture not taken from the equipped stand.


4.13 - Is carpet included in the stand rental? Which colour?

No, stands are built on the hotel carpet. Additional carpet can be ordered from MyStand catalogue - Graphics, carpet & other. Stand builders must lay a protection sheet (min. 1mm thick) on top of the hotel's carpet before placing their flooring. Stand builders must remove their flooring (wood, carpet) after the show. Stand builders / exhibitors will be charged for any damage they may cause to the floors.


4.14 - Is Internet connection included in the stand rental?

No Internet connection is included in the stand rental. Dedicated access must be ordered from MyStand catalogue - Internet access.


4.15 - Is there a storage area?

The Shangri-La does not offer any premises for the storage of empty creates and packaging during the exhibition. They must therefore be immediately removed during the installation and, if necessary, brought back during the dismantling. This service can be arranged through our official forwarder.


4.16 - What about stand cleaning?

MONACO MEDIAX provides cleaning services prior to the opening of the event, following the dismantling and departure, as well as daily cleaning of the stands (vacuum cleaning, dust, waist removal...), aisles and common areas in the Island Ballroom.


4.17 - How can I assure the security of my stand?

MONACO MEDIAX guarantees the night security of the Island Ballroom during show days.


4.18 - What insurance should I get for my stand?

The exhibitors must arrange from their insurance company, their own insurance policy covering civil third-party liability and miscellaneous risks for all the goods belonging to them or which they have been entrusted with. Written proof of such insurance must be submitted to MONACO MEDIAX before the opening of the exhibition. This insurance contract must include a waiver of any recourse against the Shangri-La and its insurers, and likewise against MONACO MEDIAX and its insurers. The Shangri-La and/or MONACO MEDIAX shall not be held liable for exhibitors' an/or third party claims.

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