How can I make a substitution?

• Login to the administrator’s MySportel account.
• Click "Edit Registration" for the desired contract.
• Click next to step 2: "Participants".
• Uncheck the box for the participant that is no longer attending.
• Select one of your previously registered participants or create a new participant and click "Register this participant".
• Below fill in the details and create a new participant, then click "Register this participant".
• Continue to payment and click "Pay online" to finalize the contract.

Substitutions are free of charge until Monday 28 January 2019. After this date, a 250€ fee will apply to all substitutions.

MySportel Account

• If this is your first time attending a SPORTEL Convention, then you will NOT yet have a MySportel account. You can create one by entering your email and password under "Is this your first SPORTEL?"

• If you already have participated at a SPORTEL event:
Enter your login details if you are the administrator and click "New Registration".
Please contact the registration department at if you want to check whether you have a MySportel account. They will notify you who is in charge of your companies’ MySportel account.

• For International Federations:
Please contact to obtain your dedicated access code.

• The Administrator:
One principal admin must be selected. All admin will receive automated emails when any changes are made to the contract. The administrator does not necessarily have to attend SPORTEL.